On this Workforce Wednesday, we want to help you save for your retirement. Having enough money for retirement is a concern for many people -- one generation especially.

Experts believe Generation X, people born between the '60s and '80s may be having the hardest time saving for their retirement. A lot of this is attributed to bad timing, as Gen X'ers saw an abnormal amount of market crashes, booms and bubble sin their time, and may be facing a large amount of debt.

The best way to start planning for your future is to put yourself first. Take care of your debt. Automation is an excellent way to do this, as well as setting limits and slowly building the amount you are chipping away at that debt. Once that is under control, you will be on a good start towards using those good habits to put money into your savings account. A long term savings is the best option, especially for younger people to start putting some money aside for the future.

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