"Hero" is term that's thrown around a lot.

But, at a pair of Anchorage high schools on Tuesday, it worked. Hours before taking the ice, the Service and Bartlett hockey teams were checking off an impressive to do list: making someone's day, giving back in their community, and, of course, putting on superheroes costumes.  

It was all part of "Partners Club," which raises money for activities for local special education students.  

"I just think it's a great way to shed light on such a wonderful population of students, and have the hockey team do something outside themselves, and get involved with their community, and have a positive impact on students less fortunate," said Adam Ahonen, a special education teacher at Service. 

Many of the Service players sported their own superhero outfits while presenting their jerseys to students. They were to be worn in the game with Bartlett and then auctioned. 

In year five of the fundraiser, Service senior center Luke Martensen and his teammates are learning something about themselves, too. 

"I just really enjoy helping the kids, and I think it's good for me, as well as the other hockey players, to get to help people who are disadvantaged and be able to do just a good thing for your school."

Meantime over at Bartlett, the Bears were also at it-- for their first time. And a lesson was being learned. 

"Inclusion that all students are equal and that everyone can hang out together," said special education teacher Sarah Hajdukovich. 

Bartlett student Kenzy Garfield, a recipient of one of those Bartlett jerseys, said it was a perfect fit. 

"It's really big, and I love big shirts," she said. 

Just like at Service, Bartlett players were taking in the moment. 

"I think it's a great opportunity for everyone to experience some new things and get new opportunities," said Bartlett center Andrew Vandebos.

Indeed, there was a way for both teams to earn their way into the win column before the game even started. 

They found it.  

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