The owners of a drive-thru coffee stand are buying more guns after an employee was robbed at gunpoint last week.

Samantha Brown and her sister Toni Whaley own AK Sweet Cup on Muldoon Road. The sisters said they had never been robbed in their four years in business but, that changed last Monday when a man in a stolen truck pointed a gun at a barista and demanded she empty the register.

Brown said the coffee stand does have a weapon inside but the barista didn't have time to reach it or feel safe to do so when she was threatened with a gun in her face.

Brown said it's their policy not to take chances.

"All of our employees are trained-- if they have a weapon, you give them what they want."

But Brown and Whaley said the outcome might have been different if they had been working at the business. They said they wouldn't have hesitated to use a weapon to defend their property.

"She would have probably opened that back door and shot their tires out or something," said Brown, referring to her sister.

Security video shows the vehicle involved in the robbery and the man and the women police believe were inside. So far, there have been no arrests.


"We are just waiting for the police to do what they need to do," said Brown.

In the meantime, Brown said they are doing what they need to do, including adding a second gun that is easily accessible under the counter. 

Brown said they may need it to keep their employees safe.

"It's not right that we have to feel that way," said Brown. "But, there are so many other businesses that have firearms and their employees are armed and it's because [of] where we live and this city and how far down it's gone. I don't feel safe."

Brown said they don't expect employees who don't feel comfortable with a weapon to use one. They also keep pepper spray near the window.

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