A storm system moving in overnight from the south is expected to bring a wintry mix to Southcentral. 

A front that will be pushing in from the Gulf overnight will start dropping what could start out as light snow but will quickly turn to freezing rain on Tuesday morning.  

Expect the precipitation to start falling around 3 a.m, and expect roadways, sidewalks and bridges to be even slipperier than they have been.

The National Weather Service posted a Winter Weather Advisory for Anchorage and the western Kenai Peninsula from 2 a.m. Tuesday through 9 a.m., though Kachemak Bay is expected to only see rain. 

KTVA Chief Meteorologist Carlos Faura says the freezing rain should cease by mid-morning and warmer air in the mid-levels of the atmosphere will filter down to the surface making for a mild-- but slippery-- day in Anchorage. 

Highs will be in the upper-30s to low-40s Tuesday, with a half-inch to up to 2 inches of precipitation falling by mid-morning. 

KTVA meteorologist Melissa Frey says the heaviest precipitation will fall along the Gulf Coast and in the Prince William Sound, where two to three inches of rain is likely in Seward. Heavy snow will turn into rain in Girdwood, and three to four inches of rain is likely in Whittier. 

The Anchorage Office of Emergency Management encourages motorists to slow down and use caution since the weather conditions will make travel difficult. 

Glenn Highway Saturday, 01/1318, near Muldoon exit. (Credit: Khampheng Scott)

Drive carefully out there.

Carlos Faura and Melissa Frey contributed to this story. 

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