Anchorage Police are still looking for a suspect who shot his gun inside the Fred Meyer store on Debarr Road Thursday night.

No one was hurt, but they could have been. There were plenty of people inside the store when it happened at 7:30.

Here's what happened, according to police. Three young people walked into the USA Federal Credit Union that is inside the Muldoon store. They were spotted by a man in the checkout line who approached them and fired a single bullet. The bullet lodged in a wall and everyone involved took off.

Marissa Sweet is a frequent shopper at the store.

"I wish I could say I was surprised but not necessarily," said Sweet, who was standing in the parking lot after the incident. "The crime rates in Anchorage are increasing."

The incident took place at the same time that many other Muldoon residents were talking about crime just a block away.

Eastside Representative Gabrielle LeDoux and Senator Bill Wielechowski were holding a constituent meeting at Begich Middle School to discuss concerns before heading to Juneau. LeDoux said crime was at the top of the list.

"Actually, somebody was following their Facebook newsfeed and one of the things they mentioned at the end of the meeting is the shooting at Freddy's," said LeDoux.

LeDoux thinks government's primary job is to protect people; she's not sure they're doing it well.

"I think that's one of the very few things that both democrats, republicans and nonpartisans can agree on is, it's government's job to keep us safe."

LeDoux said she doesn't want to point fingers at Anchorage Police and is happy that they've beefed up their numbers considerably. Even so, she'd like to see more of them patrolling on the eastside.

"I'd like to see a police station on this side of town. I'd like to see maybe foot patrols on this side of town."

Police Spokeswoman Nora Morris said APD now has 440 officers, although 36 are in the current academy and another 19 are in field training. She said the department is looking at ways to deploy them to make the most impact. She said that includes looking at additional foot patrols as well as officers on bikes.

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