Anchorage Police say shots were fired Thursday evening inside the Muldoon Fred Meyer.

APD was called to the Fred Meyer location in the 7700 block of Debarr Road Thursday evening around 7:20. 

Renee Oistad, spokesperson for APD, says one shot was fired inside the store after a confrontation between two groups of young adults escalated. 

Oistad says the altercation happened near the checkout stands, and the bullet flew towards the AlaskaUSA Federal Credit Union branch inside the store. Both groups then left the building.

Officers at the scene said three people had walked into the bank inside the store when a man in a checkout lane saw them, approached and fired. All parties then fled the store. 

Police say the bullet was found lodged in the wall of the bank. No one was injured. 

Authorities have not commented on the nature of the relationship between the shooter and the group of people. 

According to police, a shopper in the store pulled out a gun when he saw the shooter with his weapon -- but that shopper didn't fire when he saw the suspect was no longer firing.

The violence frustrated Marissa Sweet, who shops at the store all the time.

"I wish I could say I was surprised, but not necessarily," Sweet said. "The crime rates in Anchorage are increasing so spontaneously that it's sad, though -- there's families in here shopping and it's unacceptable, but what do you do?"

Police describe the shooter as a heavyset African-American male, wearing a dark cap and light-colored t-shirt, who fled in a white sedan.

The store remained open for business. 

Joe Vigil contributed information to this story.

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