The Wild Alaskan, the floating strip club which has faced legal troubles at Southcentral Alaska ports, is now being held by the City of Kodiak.

Owner Darren Byler says the city impounded the vessel on Dec. 20 -- one day before it was slated to change hands to a new buyer.

The Wild Alaskan had moved from Kodiak to Homer, after the state stripped its liquor license in 2014 for selling alcohol while moored rather than during a dinner cruise as intended. Byler was also convicted in 2016 of dumping sewage into Kodiak’s harbor, a charge he called a “political lynching of a small business.”

Byler says city staff in Kodiak have always had an issue with his boat, and claims they didn't follow city ordinances requiring that he receive 15 days’ notice before impounding it.

A letter from the Kodiak harbormaster shows the city required Byler to pay a $10,000 moorage fee, provide proof of insurance and move the vessel from where it was moored.

The city held a hearing to see if it had probable cause to take the vessel.

Kodiak's city manager declined to comment until the outcome of the hearing is released on Friday.

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