The judge in a Spenard triple murder case from last year declined to issue a ruling on the suspect’s bail Thursday, clearing a packed courtroom before hearing from direct relatives of the defendant.

Superior Court Judge Erin Marston said he wouldn’t verbally decide 43-year-old Anthony Pisano’s bail. Pisano faces first-degree murder charges in the Sept. 12 deaths of 31-year-old Bullion Brothers owner Steven Cook, 48-year-old Kenneth Hartman and 31-year-old Daniel McCreadie.

Marston cleared members of the victims’ extended families, as well as members of the public and the media, from the courtroom. He said his decision was based on the court’s need to assess the Pisano family’s finances, as well as give the state an opportunity to “cross-examine that information.”

“I will do a written bail order later this week, so I'm not going to rule from the bench,” Marston said. “But I need to get this information on the financial information, and it does include a lot of information that may be confidential.”

Pisano, formerly an Anchorage-stationed Army soldier, is accused of fatally shooting the three men on at Cook’s business then driving away. After Pisano called APD officers at their off-duty phone numbers, he was taken into custody near the Dimond Boulevard overpass at Minnesota Drive.

Marston had previously said that court documents allege Pisano was involved in installing the surveillance system in the business, which allegedly stopped recording 40 minutes before the shooting. According to the judge, Pisano was suffering from economic stress at the time and had borrowed money from the victims.

Asked about Pisano’s links with APD officers, police spokeswoman Renee Oistad said the department “does not have an official relationship with Mr. Pisano.”

“We are aware Mr. Pisano had contact with members of our department at the shooting range on JBER,” Oistad wrote in an email. “The type of contact was personal.”

Daniella Rivera contributed information to this story.

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