The Alaska Democratic Party has forwarded three names to Governor Bill Walker to replace Rep. Dean Westlake, who resigned last month over allegations of sexual misconduct. Leaders for House District 40, which is the North West Arctic area, interviewed eight candidates last weekend who applied for the job.

The three people who made the cut are Leanna Mack of Utqiagvik, former advisor to North Slope Borough Mayor Harry Brower, Sandy Shroyer-Beaver, a Kotzebue City Council Member, and Eugene Smith, also a Kotzebue City Council Member.

Dean Westlake resigned from office on December 15 after several women came forward with accusations of inappropriate sexual advances. Last March, a House staff member filed a formal complaint against Westlake.

Last month, his daughter told KTVA that Rep. Westlake got her mother pregnant when she was just 15, and Westlake was a Kotzebue police officer.

Gov. Bill Walker now has until January 25 to pick from the three names. That’s 30 days from when Rep. Westlake’s resignation went into effect. The chair of House District 40 has said the party’s goal is to appoint someone before the session starts on January 16.

The Democratic party says its done their job.

"We are pleased with our local party members’ decision to interview all candidates, making this replacement process as transparent and fair as possible. We look forward to hearing the appointment announcement and to welcoming a new representative for House District 40 in the near future," said Chair Casey Stineau.

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