The Anchorage School District lottery is now open. Families can enter for their chance to be included in a special program in the district that is not in their current area.

ASD has many different programs in the district's 100 schools. Schools offer around 130 different programs. Many parents in the district want their children to specialize in certain programs, whether that is a language immersion program or optional program like Polaris.

"We have programs in our district that meet the needs for of kids and their desires," APD Superintendent Dr. Deena Bishop said. "I had two children and fed them the same food and they chose different pathways in life."

What the district wants to ensure is that it meets student needs.

"So what happens is a lot of our specialized programs are outside of the neighborhoods of the people who want them," Dr. Bishop says. "We want to share those programs and what happens is, they are lottery-ed."

Families who want to share their interest in certain programs are encouraged to apply for an allotted number of seats that are shared throughout the district.

"We have two new programs that just opened up on the docket," Dr. Bishop said. "This year we opened up the Alaskan Middle College for juniors and seniors to earn dual credit and possibly earn an associates degree at the same time, and it is using K through 12 dollars, so it's not at a cost to the students. If they are motivated, attend and go, we will support them. Moving into next year, King Career Center is looking at turning into Martin Luther King Jr. Technical School. We look to have full-time students there meet internships and earn dual credit to earn industry certificates and continue to our programs with part-time students."

Parents log into the system where they can apply to multiple schools or programs for each school-age child and check the status of each application. Once the lottery has been run, the wait list number or acceptance into the school or program is also listed for each application.

Parents are notified by email of changes to the application status as well as acceptance into the school or program.

For more information about applying for the lottery, click here.

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