The Anchorage School Board will consider a proposal Monday night to change the name of the King Career Center and further its mission by becoming a full-time technical high school.

The proposal, which is being introduced, would turn KCC into the Martin Luther King, Jr. Technical High School, or King Tech for short.

Principal Lou Pondolfino said turning KCC into a full-time high school would allow about 300 juniors and seniors to spend the entire day at the school, where, in addition to taking more technical classes, they would also take core classes like math and English.

He added that interested students would be chosen by the district's lottery system.

"I can guess it's going to be pretty popular. I can guess there will be more interest than we have space," he said.

But the idea is also popular for a different reason. School Superintendent Deena Bishop estimates that turning the school into a full-time high school would generate more than a million dollars in extra funding from the state.

Pondolfino said part-time students would still be welcome. Under the plan, they'd continue to be bused from their home schools to take classes at KCC, but, Pondolfino said those who elect to enroll full-time in the fall will have a different kind of educational experience, including personalized learning plans to make sure they have the credits they need to graduate.

The Anchorage School Board will take action and public testimony on the plan at their next meeting, January 22. The new high school would also approval from the State Department of Education.

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