Kunlun Red Star hits the ice as the Chinese hockey team trains in Anchorage. Players and coaches got ready for start of the second half of their inaugural season in the Canadian Women's Hockey League. Meanwhile, the team received a present when they arrived at the Subway Sports Center.

Tommy Maher and Bobby Tyler, a pastor all the way from Las Vegas, paid for the team's lunch.

"I figured random acts of kindness to bring some light to a dark situation," said Maher, about a dark situation that hit home for Tyler.

Fifty-eight people died in the Las Vegas massacre last October. Among the victims, 35-year-old Dimond High School graduate Adrian Murfitt. Lunch for the hockey team honored Murfitt's memory.

(Credit: Brian MacKinnon)

"He was an avid hockey player, so, we wanted to do a random act of kindness that went along with that theme," said Maher.

The two men also picked up the coffee tab at the Cubby Cafe inside the Captain Cook Hotel. That act in memory of Anchorage's Doreen Anderson, who also died in the attack.

Maher started his "Honor 58" campaign in early November. The firefighter from Long Island, New York, visited 13 states, where he performed an act of kindness in honor of the shooting victims. The trip ended two days after Thanksgiving at a cost of several thousands of dollars. Maher said he never thought twice about the money.

"I didn't do the math or anything. When I get a gut feeling, I just kind of go with it," said the man who met Pastor Tyler during a visit to Las Vegas in December where he spoke to survivors.

"Obviously, I started asking a lot of questions, like, your journey, is there any regrets, is there anything you wish you would have done? He said I wish I would have gone to Alaska," said Tyler.

He had friends who worked for Alaska Airlines who made it possible for the two men to complete the journey. Tyler says what Maher did provides a lesson for all of us.

"I really believe this world would be a better place, if we were intentional, about doing good things for other people," said Tyler, as Maher found that out for himself, as he learned a friend back home started a go fund me page. It covered all of his expenses.

Maher reaped what he sowed.

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