While many of the Lower 48 states are experiencing temperatures 20 to 25 degrees below normal, many parts of Alaska are enjoying near-record highs.

"We set a new record today of 44 degrees," KTVA Chief Meteorologist Carlos Faura said. "Our previous record high for this day was back in 2011 at 44 degrees. We tied the record and also set it. It's not uncommon for us to reach these temperatures this time of year."

The warm temperatures have kept snowfall in the area at bay, and inside, showered the area with rain and sleet, causing for some slippery driving conditions and less than ideal sledding, skiing and snow machine conditions.

"It's very slick, very slippery, must have studs," Craig Garcia said while out sledding with his granddaughter. "My granddaughter had a hard time getting her sled up the hill without her spikes on. It feels like April out here, very refreshing."

With the warm temperatures, Garcia reminds everyone to take it easy on the roads.

"Drive carefully, put your studs on your little boots, be careful and drive slowly," Garcia said.

The warmer weather also surprised many skiers in Anchorage visiting from the Lower 48 for the U.S. Cross Country Championships at Kincaid Park.

"Compared to Maine, it's quite a bit warmer," Skier Carter Hall from Colby College said. "It was super cold last week-- in the single digits-- so, it's actually pretty nice to be out here. It's a little unpredictable, a little rain, a little sleet making the roads a little sketchy but, nothing I haven't seen before."

Sofia Sanchez says the weather is similar to what she's experienced back home, Lake Tahoe, California.

"Actually, pretty similar to here, it's been in like the 50s there," Sanchez said. "Yesterday, when we got here, it was cold in like the 20s but now it's in the 40s. Can't say I was really expecting that."

While a couple of skiers from the Boston area welcomed the warmer temperatures.

"In Boston, it was pretty much below zero all this week," Jackson Hardin said. "So, I packed pretty light which is nice. It's pretty toasty, I packed a lot of t-shirts. I think a lot of people were thinking Alaska would be super cold. Like frigid, arctic cold and to get up here and have it be nice and warm is a pleasant surprise."

Teammate Oliver Snow agreed.

"There's a cold front where I live right now in Weston, Massachusetts," Snow said. "It was negative six when my friends back home woke up and now I think it's like zero. I was expecting Alaska to be much colder."

The KTVA Weather Team says temperatures will start to sink back to normal throughout the week. The Lower 48, however, may have the worst yet to come. Colder air from Canada is making its way South.

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