Anchorage police say the arrest of three recent arrivals from Arkansas earlier this month cut short a string of felony fraud-based crimes, including falsely obtaining titles to vehicles they didn’t own.

Dwight Junior McCullough, 33; Terrance Jefferson, 30; and Andrea Hall, 22, were all arrested Dec. 16 by APD patrol officers, according to police spokeswoman Nora Morse. The three were all in a U-Haul truck, with which they were leaving town “to move to Wasilla.”

“McCullough and Hall came to Alaska from Arkansas in October 2017, and Jefferson joined them from Arkansas on Dec. 3, 2017,” Morse wrote. “Between the three of them, five fraudulent vehicle loans totaling more than $90,000 were obtained using false information and fabricated documents. At least 15 attempts were made to obtain such loans.”

Morse didn’t have word Friday on how APD first became involved in the case, or whether the stop of their U-Haul by police was targeted or random.

A nine-count indictment shows all three defendants charged with scheme to defraud. McCullough and Hall are also charged with first-degree and second-degree theft, while McCullough and Jefferson are charged with offering false instruments for recording. Jefferson faces a single count of attempted first-degree theft.

According to APD, Hall obtained a state business license for a used-car company called Brothers Auto, which never had any inventory of vehicles for sale. State records show the company registered to Hall on Oct. 25, based out of a Charter Circle apartment near DeBarr Road and Lake Otis Parkway.

The defendants used fraudulent and false documents to obtain hotel rooms and open bank accounts, Morse said, as well as titles to other people’s vehicles and vehicle loans at car dealerships and financial institutions. All three of them wrote checks from accounts with insufficient funds to each other, as well as a variety of businesses.

“$40,000 from two of the fraudulent vehicle loans McCullough obtained were deposited into the Brothers Auto of Anchorage checking account and used for personal expenditures,” Morse wrote. “Hall made false fraud claims of theft of checks and a stolen debit card and disputed over $13,000 in debit card transactions on purchases they themselves made in an effort to receive goods and services for free.”

Anybody with more information on the suspects or the case is asked to contact APD Financial Crimes Detective Michele Logan at 907-786-8706.

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