Rob Murray didn't need to be told twice. Not that he had much of a choice. The events on the night of November 17th this year saw to it.

The former Aces head coach now in charge of the ECHL's Tulsa Oilers collapsed while on the bench in Moline, Illinois. 

"My trainer told me I was out for about five minutes, and they were obviously concerned I had a heart attack." said the 50 year-old Murray.

Dehydration and exhaustion contributed. But there was another factor which he revealed to KTVA. 

"It was a blood clot in my lung, was kind of dehydrated, low potassium levels, it was a multiple, multiple-stage thing."

So he's made a lifestyle change. Despite a rigorous way of making a living filled with pressure and sometimes eating on odd hours, he's now on blood thinners, fixed his diet for the better and is drinking more water. It's paid off. He's lost nearly 20 pounds.

He's also become more cognizant about his approach when traveling. He's more active during those long bus rides. He believes being stagnant was a contributing factor to his blood clot. 

"I really didn't get up and move around enough, and that's probably one of the things I've done a lot better." he said. 

Following his hospital stay, Murray rejoined his team a week later. 

He still misses Alaska and remembers his six years in Anchorage with great admiration. He brought home a Kelly Cup in 2014. But the team folded after last season forcing him and his family to relocate in the sometimes nomadic life of a hockey coach.

"Obviously it's a change from being in Alaska that's for sure. We miss it there, we miss a lot of you, we made some good friends, made a lot of friends in the community." 

But he hasn't forgotten the 49th state. After all, he knows how to take a hint.