He's accused of committing crime after crime while on probation for robbing escorts at gunpoint -- yet police are looking for 26-year-old Christian Young, and community members are wondering why he was released once again. 

Anchorage Police say Christian Young has multiple outstanding warrants for his arrest, including first-degree robbery, impersonating an officer, interfering with official proceeding, failure to remand on second-degree robbery and probation violations. 

His latest disappearance came after a judge granted him a one-weekend release in August to attend a memorial service for his grandfather, and he never returned. 

Court documents say in November of 2012, Young robbed two different escorts at gunpoint in their Anchorage hotel rooms. 

In October of 2015, Young was sentenced to 36 months with 24 suspended on the charge of second-degree robbery. As a result, he was placed on three years probation. 

In May of 2016, Young was arrested for assault -- recklessly causing injury for allegedly battering his girlfriend while they were driving down the street.
Later that month, a petition to revoke probation was filed after probation officers found Young failed to accurately report his address.
By June, 2016, a woman reported Young as the person who robbed her at gunpoint inside of a hotel room, prompting a first-degree robbery charge. Court documents say he used a police-style badge and handcuffs and gun at the time of that robbery.
"During the commission of this new offense, he appeared to be impersonating a peace officer," a probation officer wrote in an affidavit. 
In June, July and August of 2016, Young failed to meet with his probation officer, as was a term of his probation, according to documents. 
Then, on Sept. 2, 2016, Young boarded a plane to Dillingham using a fake name. Police responded as they say he was "already suspected of trafficking heroin between Dillingham and Anchorage."

A bail memorandum states, "when officers tried to contact him at the airport, he eluded them in a vehicle and on foot, leading Dillingham Police and Alaska State Troopers on a days-long manhunt." 

Once he was arrested, he was found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia, including a razor blade with brown residue and two glass pipes, the amended probation officer recommendation alleges.

A probation officer wrote in one petition to revoke probation, "the defendant has entrenched himself in the drug community in Anchorage. Indeed, the defendant has rubbed shoulders with some of the most notorious and notable drug distributors and users in this community." 

In July of this year, APD was called to the home of Young's ex-girlfriend after she reported to police he was throwing objects, according to the petition to revoke probation; the woman reported that Young was searching for jewelry he planned to sell to buy drugs. Officers attempted to contact Young but he fled and APD was unable to apprehend him, the documents state. 

Since being released on bail on March 6, Young had not been residing with his sister, as was reported to the court and his probation officer, Young's sister told police. 

The petition continues by alleging that Young failed to report to his probation officer on August 1; on August 2, Young reported and admitted to knowingly missing his office visit and was remanded on his active warrant. 

While being booked into jail, authorities reported finding 13.5 ounces of heroin in Young's rectum. The documents allege Young reported to his PO that day in an effort to smuggle drugs into the jail. 

On August 24, Young asked to be released to attend a memorial service for his grandfather. According to a transcript from the bail hearing, the judge appointed his mother as a third-party custodian. Young was to stay away from drugs, alcohol, and guns, following his release on Aug. 25 and remand on Aug. 28. 

According to the transcript, the prosecutor in court during the bail hearing said the State was "not opposed to limited release." 

While Young's warrant has been active since he failed to remand, an APD spokesperson said Thursday that the decision was made to release his photo and information to the public because the department's patrol and investigative support units had not had much luck in locating him. 

APD asks anyone with information on his whereabouts to give them a call, though, they warn citizens to not try and approach Young. 

According to an APD statement, If you see Young or come in contact with him please call police immediately and do not try to approach him on your own. If you know his whereabouts call APD at (907) 786-8900 and press 0. To remain anonymous call Crime Stoppers at (907) 561-STOP. 

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