A Wasilla Boy Scout troop is working to replace thousands of dollars in gear they had stolen from a storage shed.

Troop 300 Scoutmaster Jeff Krzypkowski said on December 11, a neighboring business called him to let him know some of their equipment was scattered throughout the woods.

They arrived at the shed to find a hole cut in the chain link fence and the door pried off at the hinges.


“Whoever broke in took a canoe, loaded the equipment from the shed into the canoe, and drug (sic) it through the woods,” Krzypkowski explained. “The canoe was heavy so they offloaded equipment and drug (sic) the canoe to the parking lot next door and that's where we found it.”

The thief tried to saw the lock before taking the screws out of the door hinges.


The troop recovered the canoe but the thief took 12 canoe paddles, along with tents and lightweight camping stoves.

“We have a lot left [but] it could have been a lot worse,” Krzypkowski said.

He said Troop 300 is one of the largest in Alaska with about 60 active scouts. They go on camping trips once a month, regardless of the weather, so the gear was essential.


Scouts say they’re moving forward.

“We always try to stay positive about anything and everything that we can be positive about,” said 15-year-old Spencer Burgess, who’s working to become an Eagle Scout. “This right now is a stepping stone to learn from, is what I take it as. We're going to learn how to better secure it and get the stuff back.”

They’ve taken additional measures to secure the shed and moved some of the most expensive gear to other scouts’ homes. Krzypkowski estimates the damage to the fence and the cost of the equipment to be about $5000.

Krzypkowski said the boys will fundraise to replace the stolen gear but they’re accepting community donations as well. One parent also set up a GoFundMe account, which has brought in more than $1000.

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