An inmate at the Hiland Mountain Correctional Center has been charged with distribution of a controlled substance for passing fentanyl to other inmates, causing five overdoses, according to charging documents filed Tuesday. 

Dorothy Lantz, who was serving time for a probation violation stemming from a 2015 DUI conviction, admitted to hiding fentanyl inside her body during her transport from the Anchorage Correction Complex to Hiland Mountain, according to charging documents. 

In exchange for commissary items such as coffee and food, Lantz is accused of distributing the drug to multiple inmates in late-October, four of whom overdosed, were revived with Narcan and were hospitalized. One of those inmates suffered two overdoses in one day due to the drug, authorities say. 

All of the overdoses occurred in a 24-hour period, within a day of Lantz' arrival, the charging documents state. 

Prison officials say it started on Monday, October 30, when correctional officers found a female inmate in cardiac arrest in one of their housing units. 

"On Tuesday, we had three almost simultaneous events within the course of about seven minutes, where three different inmates presented very similar circumstances. unresponsive in a state of cardiac arrest," Jacob Wyckoff, director of institutions at the state Department of Corrections, said at the time. 

"Drugs in prison is not a new phenomenon. Certainly having five of these events take place in a relatively short period of time is concerning," he said.

Lantz told investigators that she had not been influenced or paid by anyone outside of prison to carry in the drugs, but rather they were for her personal use.
Editor's Note: In earlier reporting on this story, it was stated there were five inmates who overdosed; while there were five incidences of overdose, those incidents involved only four inmates.
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