Another victory for Geno Auriemma, but the UConn Women's Basketball head coach never celebrated like this. Afterall, someone reached 1,000 wins. The moment almost brought Auriemma to tears.

"We poured our heart and soul into this, we've gotten more back than we ever deserved, so, thank you very much," Auriemma told the fans after the Huskies defeated Oklahoma Tuesday night for the historic win.

"It's just amazing what he's been able to do," Jessica Moore.

She should know knows first-hand, the former Colony High School star had a hand in 132 of them, which included three of Auriemma's 11 national titles.

"I know all of our players are very, very proud-- past and present; it's a great moment to see for him," Moore said by phone from Tennessee, where she and her husband are spending the holidays.

Moore is not surprised by the success, as Auriemma's passion to win is instilled in the players. That desire hasn't changed, even though the teams have during Auriemma's 33 years on the UConn campus.

"I know they've been different in their own way, but, the one thing each team does have is that confidence and will to win at all costs, no matter who's playing, no matter what the score is, they all have that mentality from the jump ball to the very end of the game, is to play at a certain level," said Moore.

It's a level Geno Auriemma reached faster than any other college basketball coach, with a little help from a player from Palmer, Alaska.

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