Three men have been charged in a rape case that left a woman hospitalized for weeks and requiring surgery.

The incident occurred on July 20, 2016, according to the criminal complaint filed in Kotzebue court last Tuesday. 

Kotzebue Police were called to the Kotzebue Maniilaq Health Center to investigate a report of a sexual assault by a victim who arrived at the hospital claiming to have been sexually assaulted. 

The woman reported to police that she had stepped out for a smoke while at the apartment of 52-year-old James Brian Kaiser, which was located in the 600 block of Sixth Street. When she went back inside, the victim stated that three men held her down and took her clothes off; the complaint says the victim attempted to fight off the men but was physically unable and was raped by all three men. 

She then says that Kaiser "pulled her up by her hair and knocked her out" with a closed fist, according to documents filed last week; she awoke to find two of the suspects holding her down while the third sexually assaulted her. 

Kaiser also allegedly bit the victim on the face. 

Following the assault, the victim saw blood, was able to leave the residence and sought medical attention. 

Three men, Kaiser, 50-year-old Wayne Bill Henry and 42-year-old Elliot Young Starbuck, were each charged in connection to sexual assault case, according to the criminal complaint.

A search warrant for Kaiser's home revealed "what appeared to be blood on the walls, bed, blankets and clothing located within the residence," the complaint states. 

"DNA results conclude that James's (sic) DNA could not be excluded as a source of DNA extracted from the underwear of (the victim), nor from the bite mark from (the victim's) face/jaw line, nor from the stain extracts from (the victim's) pants," the document reads. 

The victim was hospitalized for weeks and underwent a surgery due to the injuries she sustained in the attack, according to the criminal complaint. 

The charges against the suspects in the case range from kidnapping to first-degree sexual assault.

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