The Alaska Department of Law said Tuesday they would not be seeking charges against Rep. Dean Westlake (D-Kiana), following a report by KTVA that Westlake impregnated a minor when he was 28-years-old and had been working in the Kotzebue Police Dept.

According to Westlake's daughter born from that pregnancy in 1988, Joslynn Little, Westlake was also married with children at the time he began having relations with her teenage mother.

Little says her grandfather tried to press charges at the time she was conceived but they never materialized. Little has been seeking legal counsel on how to move charges forward against Westlake now.

But, in an email Tuesday, the Alaska Department of Law said it will not be pursuing the case.

"What we found in our research is that any applicable statute of limitations has long run out for allegations of sexual abuse of a minor that occurred in the late-'80s. Therefore, even if there was evidence to pursue the case, we could not bring charges this far away from the original incident giving rise to potential criminal allegations," wrote Cori Mills, a spokesperson for the department.

Mills added that current state law, which states that there is no statute of limitations on felony sex abuse crimes, was enacted in the early-'90s.

"So, it is not applicable to the allegations," Mills said.

In a message Tuesday, Little said she was disappointed by the news.

"I’m surprised this was able to happen even back then without any action-- that a police officer had involvement in especially. It’ sad because we all see first-hand what happens when we let this slip through the cracks. It's embarrassing that it's look[ed] past all over again. I can see why no one comes forward," Little said.

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