The daughter Representative Dean Westlake (D-Kiana) fathered with a minor when he was 28 is seeking charges against him for the sexual abuse of her mother.

KTVA's Liz Raines broke the story about that relationship Friday, and since, questions have been raised about why this case was never prosecuted and whether it will be now.

The Alaska Department of Law says they are looking into it.

Westlake's daughter, Joslynn Little, says her grandfather tried to press charges against Westlake on behalf of her teenage mother, but they never materialized. 

According to public records, Westlake was working at the Kotzebue Police Department as a Corporal in 1987-- just before Little was conceived.

The Kotzebue District Attorney says she doesn't have a record of the office ever considering charges. And, if the process worked back then like it does now, the decision on whether to pursue charges would have come from Kotzebue Police, not the DA.

KTVA has requested a copy of the police report from Kotzebue PD and we're told that it's being processed. 

Kotzebue PD hasn't responded as to whether or not they'll seek charges in the case.  

"Cases are referred to me; I don't make decisions on charging unless a case is referred to me by officers," said Kotzebue District Attorney, Rachel Ahrens. 

Now, Little says she believes Westlake's influence with officers in the police department at the time may have kept the case from ever making its way to the District Attorney. She's seeking legal counsel on how to move it forward now.

"I'm hoping it will at least go on his record. I don't care about the jail time so much as I do just as long as it's on his background," said Little. 

There is no statute of limitations on crimes like sexual abuse of a minor, meaning that they can still be prosecuted at any time, regardless of when the offense occurred.

Westlake is no longer certified by the Alaska Police Standards Council.

A spokesperson said Monday that should he ever re-apply for employment, the Council says his past behavior would play a determining role since minimum qualifications include being of good moral character.

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