Michelle Vaaia is teaching kindness to her kindergarteners.

“If we can support each other, then we can both have good days,” Vaaia said. “I just think we can all be blessings to one another.”

Mrs. Vaaia is a neighborhood teacher at Government Hill Elementary. She’s been teaching at the Spanish immersion school for the past eight years and feels close to the neighborhood's families and community.

“I love it here. The community is wonderful here, my kids have gone through here,” Vaaia said. “It’s such a family feel, I feel fortunate to be here.”

Mrs. Vaaia says one of her secrets to success is setting goals for her students.

“We talk about being goal driven, I use my timer a lot. We see if we can beat that timer because the more time we waste on little things the less time we have for the fun things,” Vaaia said.

She also uses fun analogies to teach her students to be kind.

“I talk to them about the power to choose and they have that moment like being a superhero. They can use their power for good or they can use it to hurt others,” Vaaia added. “All the things that they put out can come back in that makes them superheroes. Not just heroes, but superheroes with superpowers.”

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