To see how a fishing community gets in the holiday spirit, all you have to do is walk the docks of Kodiak.

Skippers like Seamus Hayden took advantage of some sunshine on Thursday to string up lights on his fishing boat, “The Clyde.”

“We’ll do the white and red together, right?” Hayden said to his daughter, Jordan, as they rolled out a cable of lights. “We’re going for the candy-cane effect.”

The Haydens are getting “The Clyde” ready for Kodiak’s fifth annual Harbor Lights Festival which starts on Saturday night at 5 p.m., sponsored by the Kodiak Maritime Museum.

The Haydens also plan to hand out hot chocolate and cider from the deck of the Clyde. Last year they served up 500 cups.

Hayden is originally from Donegal, Ireland, but has fished Alaskan waters for cod and halibut for almost two decades.

He says the lights festival is a chance to celebrate the bounty of the sea.

“For me, it’s the fish,” he said. “The fish feed us and we feed everyone.”

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