The holidays can be the most stressful time of the year for airport travel. To help relax anxious, stressed-out or scared passengers, Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport has partnered with the group National Crisis Response Canines.

Travelers going through the terminal will have the opportunity to pet and cuddle a pup.

The non-profit is based out of Oregon and got its start shortly after 9-11, when the furry companions were brought to ground zero to support responders. 

“Our mission is to interact and support people who are having strong emotions or dealing with a crisis or a disaster,” said NCRC volunteer Melissa Kitko. “A lot of people during the holidays, they are traveling to see family, but maybe they've lost a loved one and this might be a really hard trip for them.”

The dogs won’t just be at the airport during the holidays. Volunteers say they'll be back during all high-traffic times to provide stress relief to travelers.

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