Wearing an ugly sweater paid off for some holiday travelers at the airport. Alaska Airlines and its partners offered priority boarding to anyone sporting the festive attire.

The one-day-only offer coincided with National Ugly Holiday Sweater Day, which falls on the third Friday in December.

But the holiday promotion doesn't stop unraveling there.

Alaska Airlines also surprised passengers on a morning flight from Seattle to Anchorage with their very own ugly sweater.

Passenger Brian Holst says if there’s one thing he enjoys more than priority boarding, it’s a good holiday sweater.

“You know, it lets people show their personalities and display their holiday spirit,” Holst said. “Some sweaters are like super ugly and others sweaters you can see that they really put time and effort in.”

Holiday-themed boarding music will also play all month long on Alaska Airlines flights to get travelers and employees into the spirit.

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