More than two years after a homeless woman was raped near a trail on the University of Alaska Anchorage campus, suspect Robert Gutierrez, 23, has been sentenced in a plea deal. 

The assault happened in early-April, 2015. Police said at the time, Gutierrez knew the victim and had offered her a place to stay for the night, then pushed her to the ground and assaulted her in the woods near Mosquito Lake. 

The woman helped police develop a sketch of Gutierrez, and he was identified while in custody at the Anchorage Jail for an unrelated probation violation in July of 2015. 

Gutierrez was indicted on five counts of sexual assault, including three counts of first-degree sexual assault penetration without consent, which is an unclassified felony. 

He pleaded guilty to one count of second-degree attempted sexual assault, a deal Judge Kevin Saxby accepted but noted in court that the act of sexual assault was completed. 

While Gutierrez's family members showed up to support him in court, as his attorney stated they have during the entire process, the victim was not present at the sentencing, nor were any of her family members. 

"Vulnerable people make excellent victims of crimes and terrible witnesses, and that's something that we're always looking at and was certainly one of the factors in reaching an agreement here," Assistant District Attorney Laura Dulic told the judge. 

Gutierrez was also charged with five counts of sexual assault in a case involving two alleged female victims in 2013 but was never convicted of those charges and ultimately pleaded guilty to only a theft charge.

Judge Saxby noted since his arrest in the latest sexual assault case, Gutierrez has been involved in more assaults in jail, a pattern the judge found concerning.

He recommended Gutierrez go through a rehabilitation program for sex offenders.  

When given his chance to speak, Gutierrez said, "I want to participate in the program to learn more and rehabilitate myself and be a good father to my daughter and a better part of society when I do get out, and that I won't be in here forever." 

His daughter is 3-years-old. 

Judge Saxby sentenced Gutierrez to serve 10 years, with two suspended, amounting to eight years of time incarcerated. He will get credit for time he's served since his 2015 arrest. 

Gutierrez will also have to register on the sex offender list.

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