A Kodiak man accused of punching and kicking two officers who were responding to a domestic violence call pleads guilty in court Wednesday. 

According to the Kodiak District Attorney's Office, 42-year-old Nick Malutin plead guilty to assault in the third-degree.

On Nov. 26, police responded to an alleged domestic violence call involving Malutin and his wife. Prosecutors say during the investigation, Malutin punched Officer Zarate multiple times in the face and head, then kicked Officer Torrejas in the chest.

"Officer Zarate sustained multiple injuries from the assault, including a chipped tooth, swelling on his forehead, and abrasions on his neck," the release read. 

The Kodiak district attorney's office says Malutin’s criminal history includes 36 prior criminal convictions dating back to 1997 -- including seven assault convictions. 

The judge sentenced Malutin to four months in prison.

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