Municipal Election workers are giving the city's new vote-by-mail system a thumbs up after a test run on Tuesday.

City Clerk Barbara Jones said the machinery that processes votes all seemed to be working well as the countdown begins towards the April election.

Anchorage residents will be able to vote by mail for the first time ever in the April 3 municipal election. Jones said they're encouraging people who have questions or concerns about how the system will work to contact the Clerk's office.

"We'd be happy to talk with them," said Jones. "We will have a voter hotline. We will have tours of the Election Center. We will try to address their concerns. We really want to encourage people to vote by mail."

Ballots will be put in the mail on March 13. Jones said they will not be forwarded. People who have moved recently or who haven't voted in the last three municipal elections will need to update their address. Jones said that can be done online at the State Division of Elections page.