She is like “your grandma on steroids.”

Hanshew Middle School’s music and band teacher, Frau Lucht, uses a healthy dose of humor to connect with her kids.

"I break all the rules. I am a bad teacher. I am bad. There you go. I am sarcastic, I'm not supposed to be. I'm supposed to be nice. I'm not. I am very blunt. I'm direct. I'm in their face,” Lucht explained.

After spending the morning in her classroom, we learned her elementary and middle-school students respect that bluntness, get her sarcasm and know she’s got their best interests at heart.

“She really cares for her students and she takes into deep consideration like all the aspects of your life,” said eighth-grader Gabriela Zych.

Lucht said her passion for music goes back to her days as a toddler.

"My mother had a photograph of me in diapers and rubber pants with a baby bottle in one hand and my other hand on the keys,” said Lucht.

A former National Guard member in North Dakota, Lucht said band is a bit like the military in that everyone needs to pull their weight for the group to sound good. It’s one major lesson she hopes her students come away with.

"So if they learn responsibility from me I am thrilled. If they learn discipline from me, self-discipline and dedication to the group I am thrilled,” explained Lucht.

Before her arrival in Alaska 11 years ago, Lucht previously taught K-12 music in North Dakota and conducted pit orchestras in Germany.

She also sews her own shirts, like the one she’s wearing in the video above.

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