A mother's second attempt to get her murder conviction overturned has failed.

Suzette Welton was convicted of murder and arson in 2003. One of Welton's teenage sons died in the fire.

The investigation of the crime, which happened in September of 2000, showed that over-the-counter sleeping pills, juice, soda and a gas can were purchased by someone using Welton's grocery store loyalty card in the days leading up to the fire.

Welton's surviving son testified in her trial that his brother questioned whether their mother "poisoned" them prior to the fire.

Welton's appeal argued that the State erred by not allowing her to hire an expert to dispute the state's fire investigators.

In its ruling, the State Appeals Court writes that Welton did not provide any new evidence that could justify hiring the expert, therefore denying her the chance at a new trial.

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