A Noorvik man has been arrested on sexual-assault charges, after Alaska State Troopers say he disrobed women on two separate occasions in recent weeks.

Word of the most recent incident involving 27-year-old Franklin Coffin Jr. reached Kotzebue-based troopers on Wednesday, according to an online dispatch. Troopers learned that Coffin had “entered the home of an adult female, removed her pajamas and fondled her.”

As troopers investigated the case, someone else told them that Coffin had “acted in a similar fashion” during a Nov. 28 visit to another home in the Kobuk River community of about 650 people, roughly 45 miles east of Kotzebue.

“He removed the shirt and pants of two women,” troopers wrote. “He was confronted by a male resident of the home who stated Coffin was completely naked and exposed his genitalia to him as he tried to dress and leave.”

Troopers spokesman Tim DeSpain said it wasn't immediately clear whether the victims were asleep at the time they were undressed, or if Coffin may have had any additional victims.

A Noorvik village police officer assisted troopers in arresting Coffin. He was held at the Kotzebue Regional Jail on three counts of sexual assault and two counts of burglary, as well as assault and indecent exposure.

Troopers said Coffin’s bail was initially set at $10,000, with a court-approved third-party custodian required for his release.