Monday night the Anchorage Planning and Zoning Commission voted unanimously to postpone indefinitely a decision regarding Nordstrom Rack and a second entrance to the building.

Currently, Nordstrom Rack only has one entrance; the merchants at the Mall at Sears feel they should be required to have a second entrance, one inside the mall itself.

"It forces people to do a three block round trip outside to get there," Linda Boggs, Matt at Sears Marketing Director said. "It's definitely, negatively impacting pedestrian convenience and safety. You come out one door of the mall, and you have to watch out for the broken tequila bottles and cars driving next to you. On the other exit, Sears half the time has sidewalk sales and stuff that take up the sidewalk."

Tim Potter, with DOWL, represented Seritage Growth, the company affiliated with Sears in the mall, and presented the commission with a handful of ideas to improve the area around Nordstrom Rack.

"Seritage's responsibility as a property owner is the keep the property leased and occupied and produce revenue," Potter said. "Nordstrom Rack had specific requirements and one of them was to have a singular entry. I can't speak for Nordstrom. I can tell you they did indicate that if they were required to have a second entrance they would not have signed the lease."

That would mean Sears would lose out on a lease with a company occupying 40,000 feet of the building.

The Planning and Zoning Commission liked Seritage Growth ideas enough to give them 30 days to improve those ideas and present them at a public hearing.

The news was disappointing to a lot of people, including Travis Noah who spoke on behalf of people with disabilities.

"My concern with all of this is when you talk disabilities, there is no real way for someone to get in that building without falling or tipping over," Noah said. "A sidewalk is not the answer. The perception that I see is that it looks like people with disabilities are not welcome in that store."

Seritage Growth says they are pleased with the commission's decision to give them another 30 days to work something out.

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