The Alaska Republican Party has taken an unusual step by weighing in on the race for Anchorage mayor.
This weekend, the party's state central committee voted to endorse Rebecca Logan for Mayor. Logan is the general manager of the Alaska Support Industry Alliance, a non-profit trade association for resource development in the state.

Currently, Logan is the only conservative candidate to announce a bid for Mayor ahead of the April election. While the party doesn't normally get involved in municipal races, Alaska GOP Chairman, Tuckerman Babcock, says this race is different.

"We normally focus on the partisan races, but in this case, with just two candidates, the very partisan Democrat, Ethan Berkowitz and the Republican, Rebecca Logan, we thought it was worthwhile to say, we really support Rebecca Logan," Babcock said, adding that the committee approved Logan's endorsement unanimously. 

"She's more conservative, she's for lower taxes, she's more pro-business, she certainly is going to be a lot tougher on crime than the Mayor, so [for] all those reasons and more, we are very supportive of her," Babcock said. 

KTVA reached out to the Alaska Democratic Party for comment but has not received a response. 

The general election for Mayor takes place on Tuesday, April 3. The last day for candidates to file for office is Friday, Feb. 9.

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