An Anchorage woman will spend a year in jail for assaulting a toddler she was babysitting.

Angelina Toilolo-Kapeli pleaded guilty to the Class C felony of recklessly injuring a child. Her plea deal sentences her to three years, with two suspended, as well as five years probation.

On February 27 Toilolo-Kapeli was babysitting her roommate Kevin Edwards’ son, 13-month-old Chase Edwards.

Toilolo-Kapeli initially told investigators the child fell off the couch. She later admitted she lost her temper and threw Chase across the room and he hit his head on a piano bench.

Kevin said Chase suffered multiple skull fractures and will have lasting affects from the trauma.

“My son is going to be getting tubes in a few weeks to remove the blockage so he can hear better because he's not hearing that great,” Kevin told the courtroom Friday morning.

Toilolo-Kapeli’s plea deal sentences her to three years in jail with two suspended. That means she’ll have one active year of jail time.

Kevin said Chase, now 2-years-old, is developmentally six-months behind other kids his age. He expressed frustration Toilolo-Kapeli wasn’t getting a harsher punishment.

“Two years being suspended that's honestly a genuine slap in the face to my son along with everyone involved,” Kevin told the judge.

Chase’s grandmother, Judy Edwards, also spoke at the hearing. She told Toilolo-Kapeli she forgave her.

“Any of us can snap in a moment. I've come close, I'm a mother myself and it's so easy to do,” Judy said. “And I don't believe you woke up that morning with the intention of hurting Chase, you were just so frustrated. It's not an excuse by any means.”

Judge Catherine Easter explained a Class C felony conviction typically carries no jail time. She accepted the plea deal and explained why the sentence fit, considering Toilolo-Kapeli had no prior criminal history.

“She has a substantial amount of jail time over her head so that if she doesn’t comply with the conditions of probation she’ll be looking at getting three years,” Easter said.

“I can't stress enough how significant a sentence Ms. Tiololo Kapeli is getting. She waived her right to a jury trial."

Toilolo-Kapeli apologized to the family for hurting their son.

“I just pray that God will heal Chase from head to toe, that's my everyday prayer that God will continue to flow within him,” Toilolo-Kapeli said.

Part of her probation includes anger management counseling and that she have no contact with any of the victims.

As Chase continues to heal his family hopes Toilolo-Kapeli will get the help she needs while serving her time.

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