State officials are asking residents of a Spenard-area neighborhood to give a cow moose space as it stays near the body of a calf outside a local home this week.

A neighbor of the property said Thursday morning that the cow had left for a few hours, but spent most of the day near the calf on the 3200 block of Wyoming Drive.

Ken Marsh, a spokesman for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, said biologists first received a report Tuesday afternoon about the carcass. A real-estate agent called again about the moose Wednesday morning, prompting an afternoon visit by Fish and Game.

“We confirmed a dead moose calf,” Marsh said. “The cow is nearby, but not acting aggressively.”

Marsh said that cow moose often remain with dead calves but will move on shortly, so no action was taken regarding the cow by Fish and Game. Under state law, homeowners must remove dead wildlife on their property.

“That person will be responsible for removing the carcass,” Marsh said.

Jamey Wood, the agent who called Fish and Game regarding the moose Wednesday, said the cow stayed outside the home Wednesday night. Fish and Game officials had told him the calf apparently died of natural causes.

While the moose remains at the scene, Marsh advised anyone walking in the area to “just keep your distance.” Agitated moose can kick or trample people, readily causing serious or even fatal injuries.

“Just keep an eye on your distance and don't approach her, and everything should be cool,” Marsh said.

Wood said the homeowners had arranged with the Alaska Moose Federation to recover the calf's carcass Friday, when Fish and Game officials said the cow will likely have moved on.

Dave Leval and Jared Mazurek contributed information to this story.

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