A week ago, thieves invaded Aurora Flooring in Anchorage, stealing specialty tools, employee tools and company vans. Owner D.J. Casagranda says he caught it all on camera.

"They stuck a pry bar in and popped the door open and just came in and went upstairs and took the keys to seven of my vehicles and drove off with the newest one," Casagranda said. "They did good, they were in here for over an hour, from the time the power got cut off to the time the power got turned on, they were in here for about an hour and 10 minutes."

Surveillance video shows two people loading tools into a company van.

"The thieves knew what they were after, everything here that was small and a high-dollar item is gone," Casagranda said. "They had everything off the shelves, boxes were open. Stuff like this drill, empty, bought that right before I left on vacation. We had air compressors, nail guns, grinders, jackhammers, everything."

The thieves even left behind cases and chargers, just taking some items inside.

"It was kind of odd," Casagranda said. "When we came in here, to the warehouse, when the guys came in here there was empty cases all over the floor. They didn't take the charger out of this one, they just took the drill. The drill and the batteries. There are other things they left the tools in."

Casagranda says besides the tools, the thieves stole three vans, two have been recovered but one of the vans is still missing along with all the tools.

"Many of them are engraved with names and phone numbers," Casagranda said. "I hope people can keep a look out for them because insurance will not cover them."

Casagranda was robbed in October of last year and his theft insurance was dropped until his business is more secure.

"My place is pretty secure now," Casagranda said. "We're to the point where we are welding doors shut."

Casagranda has no leads and doesn't have a clue who would steal from him.

"I can't think of not one person that I would've rubbed the wrong way," Casagranda said. "I try to do everybody right and I think everybody who knows me would agree. Getting wiped out for 40 to $50,000 at a time, and this time being no insurance is going to hurt."

Casagranda says he's looking into another alarm and security system. Perhaps installed higher or hidden. He's already put in $20,000 in securing his business so far.

He says some of his vendors have given him nice discounted rates on tools to stay up and running.

Casagranda asks for help in locating the tools and his missing work van. Anyone with any information is asked to call the Anchorage Police Department.

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