The Thanksgiving holiday weekend may be coming to a close, but the national shopping spree continues online Monday. Cyber Monday is similar to Black Friday, but the search for deals takes on a new platform -- the internet. 

By nature, online shopping comes with its own set of security risks, but the Better Business Bureau says it's even worse on holidays. According to the BBB, scammers specifically target shoppers on Cyber Monday with fake ads. 

Here's how the organization recommends you keep your personal data secure:

  • Shop directly through the retailer's website
  • Don't click on social media ads for purchases
  • Avoid making purchases through emailed links
  • Check for the lock icon on a website to ensure it's secure
  • Avoid making purchases from a public internet connection
  • Double-check your credit card statements after shopping
  • Use credit cards rather than debit cards for online purchases

For more tips about online shopping or to check the BBB's scam tracker, click here.

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