Each year, 95 students from around the world are selected for Rhodes scholarships; 35 of them are from the United States. This year, Alaska has their own Rhodes Scholar.

Samantha Mack is Aleut from the remote community of King Cove. Her family moved her to Anchorage as a child so she could receive better educational opportunities.

Mack received her B.A. magna cum laude in 2016 with majors in political science and English from the University of Anchorage; she's expected to complete her Master's degree in English with an emphasis on literary theory in May.

"She has excelled across disciplines as she brings the lenses of indigeneity and feminism to issues in the development of Western democratic traditions," the Rhodes Trust wrote in their press release announcing the recipients. "Her work in Alaska Native Studies and political theory reflects her strong interests in equity, respect for different patterns of life, and the prevention of the degradation of nature."

Mack is the first Rhodes Scholar from UAA. She plans to work on a Master's in philosophy at Oxford. 

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