An annual Fairbanks-based ice carving event which began in 1989 won’t be held next year, in the wake of a 2016 fire which destroyed its main venue and declining revenues.

Ice Alaska announced online Saturday that the World Ice Art Championships won’t be held in 2018, following the December 2016 fire which destroyed its lodge headquarters. Plans for the event initially remained on track, but were canceled after two commercial donors pulled out and a major sponsor “notably” reduced its funding.

“This week marked 100 days to the event, and both artists and volunteers who travel to Fairbanks for this event, need to finalize their travel arrangements,” organizers wrote. “We made a promise to our artists and volunteers that we would only produce a quality event, to include adequate housing and quality food. For that reason, we have decided that the organization is not financially prepared to produce a 2018 event.”

The organization is offering refunds to all donors for the 2018 event, as it shifts to a fully volunteer non-profit group and makes plans for the next championships in 2019.