Rather than bringing the KTVA Weather Lab to a local school to this week, Meteorologist Melissa Frey brought the second graders in Ms. Rhodes and Ms. Colley's classes from College Gate Elementary to the KTVA studios for lessons on both weather and broadcast news.

During their live debut on Daybreak at 9 a.m. Friday, they learned the art of being on live television, the magic of the green screen and even sitting with the anchors on the couch.

From there Melissa got down to business, showing the students computer models, satellites, radar and talked with them about weather safety. Like any good scientists or reporters, the students also made sure they got their questions answered.

With a new appreciation for meteorology and an understanding of how TV news works, it was back to the real classroom for these second graders.

If you're a teacher and would like Melissa to visit your school, just email her at weather@ktva.com.