Anchorage police say a man with a knife who was barricaded in a residence overnight Thursday near Northwood Drive and Spenard Road is now in custody, after SWAT officers were called in to help resolve the situation.

Police spokesman MJ Thim said Friday that 34-year-old Chase Walters was making “general threats” that weren’t targeted at anyone specific in the apartment. Officers were initially called to the scene, on the 3900 block of Northwood, just before 7 p.m. Thursday.

“There was one person that was inside and got out before the time SWAT was called in,” Thim said. “Making these sorts of threats in general, there was a concern for their safety and his safety, and so that’s why they called police.”

Police repeatedly ordered Walters to exit the apartment, but called for SWAT officers when he stepped inside and refused to do so. Negotiations continued until just before 1:30 a.m. Friday, when SWAT took action.

“He was communicating with us, but he refused to come out,” Thim said. “We said we were going to deploy gas, he didn’t come out; we deployed gas and then he eventually came out.”

Masters was arrested on a number of charges including third-degree assault.

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