A handful of Alaska National Guard soldiers and airmen are back in Alaska after deploying to Puerto Rico for hurricane relief effort.

At the beginning of October, a 14-person crew of airmen went to the Luiz-Muniz Puerto Rico Air National Guard Base Airport just outside of San Juan, the territory’s capital. That was the main hub through which relief supplies were delivered.

Another 10-person team helped out with mobile communications at the Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, setting up satellites for air traffic control operations.

“Without our communications systems, they wouldn’t’ve been able to land the C17s and C5s that were bringing in all sorts of supplies and military equipment to help out with the mission,” said Sgt. First Class Michael Dennis.

Dennis is one of nine people with the communications team who have returned home. He said it was a rewarding experience to provide aid to people in their time of need.

“It’s really important we can come together and get down there. No matter what the distance is it’s really important we can go and help out our fellow citizens and fellow Americans.”

The remaining guardsmen are expected to return at the end of November.

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