Robin Wold is teaching her kindergartners to dream big.

“I want them to love learning. I want them to know that school is a fun place to be,” Wold said. “It is a place where they can be successful.”

Wold teaches at Bayshore Elementary School in south Anchorage, and for many of her students, it is their first time in a school environment.

“I love-- especially in kindergarten-- watching them grow,” Wold added. “This is where they’re learning letters and sounds, they’re learning how to put words together and learning sight words. They’re learning just how to be in a classroom and be in school and follow routines.”

Wold believes a routine can help her students build a foundation for school. She’s is also a firm believer in building relationships with her students.

“They need to know that you care about them,” Wold said. “That we are a family in our classroom and then everything else falls into place.”

Wold weaves brain breaks and activity throughout her academic lessons. It helps the students stay focused and have fun while learning.

“Kindergarten is pretty academic these days,” Wold added. “We’re doing a lot so we always need those little brain breaks to get up and move around have fun.”

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