If you've ever been involved with home repairs of any significance, you know that stuff comes up. The Dome is no different.

For many Alaskans who view it as their indoor recreational home away from home, the wait to see it operational will be a little longer.

In an interview Thursday morning, KTVA Sports' Dave Leval spoke with the Dome board chairman Curtis Penny, who outlined the newest delay in its reopening.

"We've had turf experts up here, and they've come to the conclusion the turf is too damaged from the collapse, to be repaired at all," he said.

That new turf will be coming from Georgia, which means that November has been pushed back to January.

"It's a bummer we can't open in November like we wanted to, but we get to reopen with brand new turf, so, we're pretty excited about it," said Penny.

Also, new LED lights are going in.

"Not only is it more energy efficient, but, it's brighter in there," he said.

On January 21, the building collapsed due to heavy snow on the roof. It was a national headline -- it's not often a Dome deflates.

But locally, it was more than simply a passing story of interest. It meant lost revenue and forced many leagues and teams to scatter to find alternate places to hold their events during the harsh winter months.

Many frustrated members also had trouble getting information about their memberships. Then on September 1, the Dome's fortunes rose again when John Rubini, chair of JL Properties, stepped forward to ensure its rebuild.

The overall project was to cost between $6 million and $6.5 million and would be paid for through investments and donations. Rubini pledged between $1 million and $1.5 million to help see it through.

And, in case you were wondering, there are defenses to prevent a repeat of another collapse. There will be increased heat and pressure inside, ropes on the roof outside to help with snow removal and if all else fails, the human touch.

"We have a third party contractor that can go on top of the roof, to get the snow off if needed," Penny said.

So anyone who's remodeling understands -- it'll be just a while longer. There's always something. 

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