For Kyle Reem, it's about using his time wisely. 

The Service High School senior hockey player makes it all work: academics, athletics and as the leader of a school club. The full schedule helps him focus.

"So your brain, your thought processes, will help you see plays develop so you can better anticipate what the other teams going to do," he said. 

His goal is to keep a family tradition going-- and attend Stanford University like his mother did. 

"I think I'll continue playing hockey, but I'll focus on my studies more," he said. "Because I believe my studies will get me a little farther in life and hopefully be a chemical engineer."

His head coach knows he'll be a success wherever he goes or whatever he does. 

"I haven't seen a better upstanding individual than him for some time," said head coach Lars Swensen. "Besides, his grades which speak for themselves right? Just a real honorable kid."

Kyle is well on his way. He sports a 4.23 GPA with four AP courses. Economics and Spanish are already part of his curriculum. 

And if school and sports weren't enough, he serves as president of the Nutrition Club where he mentors others.

"Make me feel good and also makes me feel good to see them help themselves and developing themselves into better people," he said.