Things are looking up for Johnson's Tire Service customers whose winter tires are locked inside the company's tire hotel.

The business shut down abruptly over the weekend due to bankruptcy-- leaving anyone who chose to have the company store their winter tires and wheels high and dry.

The sign posted on the front door of the closed shop Sunday that read, "Closed for business permanently", was replaced with a more promising note from Northrim Bank on Wednesday.

The bank took possession of the property Tuesday, and now a spokesperson says they're working on a plan to return tires to customers at no cost as soon as possible.

Customer David Block says his studded snow tires and wheels are in the tire hotel and he doesn't have $1,500 available to replace them. He's been in contact with both Northrim Bank and the Attorney General's Office Consumer Protection Unit, and told KTVA Wednesday he's starting to feel hopeful he'll see his tires again in a matter of days, rather than months.

"They're looking for a way for customers to be able to identify what their tires are, so if you can find your invoice, on your invoice there's probably a little place where it has a letter and a number like 'R-10', which is where in the warehouse the tires are," explained Block.

Without the invoice to identify his tires, he says, "I would not have the slightest idea, I mean, these are the guys I trusted to do that for me. That was the whole point."

If you have tires locked inside the building, the AG's consumer protection unit asks that you file a formal complaint online.