At Bartlett High School, Creed Campbell aims to help his students get a better understanding of human nature through the social sciences. A literature major in college, Campbell now teaches economics, psychology and U.S. history.

"I became a literature major because I had a passion to study fundamental human problems, like, what is human nature? And I found that humanities was a really great place to begin,” explained Campbell. “But, the more I thought about the world around us, it really dawned on me that a lot of the big answers to life's problems and questions also lie in the social sciences.”

In Mr. Campbell’s classroom, students are encouraged to express their views and opinions. Some of them said they appreciate the safe environment he has fostered.

“This is a class you just always look forward to. Everyone always does. It's a class that's highly talked about-- even outside of the classroom,” said eleventh-grader Madison Xiong.

Mr. Campbell also works to build a good relationship with his students. Getting to know them on a more personal level has shown big benefits in the classroom.

“I like to think at this point that I relate to students as I relate to every human being. If you treat people with respect, you give them the same kind of respect and attention that you expect, then generally they give that to you in return,” said Campbell.

Now in his fourteenth year at Bartlett High School, Campbell said the secret to his success is being passionate about his profession.

“I think that's the secret of life perhaps. I'm happy and I wake up every day energized about what I do because I love it and I feel like it's important," explained Campbell. “And I think students can see that. And if you're not there, I think students can see that as well.”

After school, Campbell co-coaches the drama, debate and forensics teams.