Although they continue to meet some resistance here in Anchorage, the Anchorage Veterans Parade Committee says nothing will stop them from honoring veterans who are still living.

Saturday morning, the committee held it's third annual Veterans Parade at the Delaney park strip.

Gold star dad Tom Wozencraft founded the parade after moving back to the Anchorage area. He was amazed that the city didn't have a parade to honor our veterans-- despite having two military installations in the city.

He says the parade isn't part of the city's official Veteran's Day celebration, but a kick-off to Veteran's Week Appreciation.

"They've taken the oath. They have defended our country and they deserve the right to have their day of being honored, and that's the reason we do it. We don't do it for us, we do it for them," said Wozencraft.

He says the parade keeps getting bigger and hopes it continues to grow for years to come.