On this Workforce Wednesday we take a look at a career in weatherization, which is a field of specialists that find out how to make homes more energy efficient and stay warm in the winter.  We were joined by Arth Brown of Llisagvik College.

On the responsibilities of a weatherization tech, Brown said: "They evaluate the energy loss of an existing structure, and take a scientific approach of trying to fix that loss."

These technicians get to work with a wide variety of tools to evaluate and alter homes, usually through retrofitting.

There is no previous training or education required to begin training to become a technician.

"They can come to us", said Brown, "and work through a full college degree program path, or we also started the registered apprenticeship."

Pay can usually start around $19.50 an hour for entry-level work.

If you need help getting started in this career, or any industry we previously featured during Workforce Wednesday, contact Martha Peck at Alaska Process Industries Career Consortium.